Modern passports

Solutions for municipalities - creation, administration and maintenance of passports incl. Custom GIS system.

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality data with a functional and reliable GIS solution, which offers a simple and user-friendly environment with quality tools, in which we have prepared individual standardized modules for modern passports.

Public lighting passport

The public lighting passport is used primarily for recording lighting (lamps, lamps, switching points) and other objects connected to the VO system (radars, cameras, etc.) with an emphasis on its maintenance. The passport enables the recording of a wide range of information about point objects, light spots, switchboards and lines between them within individual circuits.

Traffic sign passport

Traffic signs require a summary of the location of the signs, their name, material, order, and more. The road signport enables registration with a direct link to the Decree, as it contains geodetic surveying of the stations, point stations with visualization of the relevant signs according to the valid Decree, location with the rotation of the mark in the direction of travel.

Local roads passport

The local road passport provides maximum information such as name, type, class, surface, length, etc. and is used mainly for the registration of urban roads with an emphasis on the records of their maintenance in the municipality. MK by type and type of surface.

Outdoor furniture and equipment passport

The municipal furniture passport contains various kinds of elements from benches to information signs, which are municipal property. In addition, it also provides a comprehensive overview of its status, location and materials. We record mainly the property of the municipality, which may be linked to other passports.

Pasport cemetery

The cemetery's passport contains a clear record of all the grave sites, including information about the dead. The passport also records territory, division into groups and distribution of individual grave sites into logical units, contains geodetic survey of grave sites and area visualization with graphical representation of payers and non-payers.

Pasport playgrounds and greenery

We are preparing a module of green passport and playgrounds. We are also creating these passports, but so far only in our customers' systems.

GIS systems

The cross-platform geographic information system QGIS enables free use and modification; works on different operating systems. It offers a simple and user-friendly environment and quality tools at the level of large GIS solutions.