Engineering geodesy

Mapping, surveying of buildings, documentation of actual construction, special geodetic activity.

We provide comprehensive geodetic service on line constructions (roads, railways and watercourses), from preparation through actual implementation to monitoring of already finished constructions. Of course, our experts can handle all kinds of engineering surveying work using state-of-the-art measuring technology that undergoes regular maintenance and calibration.

Documentation of building objects

We provide surveying and documentation of the actual state of construction objects - floor plans, sections, views of facades. We use modern technologies, especially scanning by hand and stationary scanners. We are able to provide the customer with both raw data - point clouds, horizontal and vertical sections of rooms and entire buildings. Of course, we also produce complete dimensioned floor plans and sections.

Project background

We measure and process project materials from the most accurate materials, when we achieve millimeter accuracy, through standard materials for the design of large linear constructions, to special materials for projects where customers require collection of further information. We are able to survey the terrain even under the water surface using special sonars, we measure complex technological units using lasers and large areas using aerial photogrammetry.

Documentation of actual construction

We process complex documentation of actual construction of buildings and objects according to regulations and methodologies of individual administrators or owners. In addition to buildings, we also focus on building interiors, including the creation of construction drawings, for the purpose of reconstruction and construction work. We can evaluate various rugged objects, such as historical facades, vaults of bridges, etc.

Setting out buildings

We set out and stabilize geodetic points and maintain point fields according to standards and needs of individual types of constructions, from standard buildings, to linear constructions on roads and railways, to special required setting and securing of any spatial object. We always use measuring technique and methodical procedures to ensure the required accuracy of setting. We use technology from the best Trimble manufacturers.

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