Our services

We provide comprehensive services in the field of geodesy and geoinformatics in the Czech Republic. We offer solutions for professional and general public, state and private enterprises and state and public administration.

MAWIS Portal

The MAWIS web portal allows you to choose from a comprehensive range of geomatic services for professional builders, utility managers, government and local government and the general public in one place.

BIM3D Technology

We create object documentation based on 3D data acquisition from laser scanning, aerial photography, or geodetic measurement using modern technology with output to BIM standards.
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Geodetic services

Property rights documentation
We arrange the negotiation and conclusion of contracts with the owners of the property in question.
Property cadastres
Laying out land boundaries, drawing up geometric plans and easement services.
Engineering geodesy
Mapping, surveying of buildings, documentation of actual construction, special geodetic activity.
Technical documentation of IS
We provide complete processing of technical documentation of utilities.
Tracing utility lines
Searching for all types of utilities, surveying and collecting data, processing data into digital form.
Landscape Engineering
We realize projects of landscape studies of landscapes, runoff conditions and complex land consolidation.
Digital technical maps
Complete creation, management and maintenance of digital technical maps.
Modern passports
Solutions for municipalities - creation, administration and maintenance of passports incl. Custom GIS system.
Designing of electrical networks
Elaboration of the study, preparation of project documentation for zoning and construction proceedings, realization documentation and documentation of the actual construction.

Sales of geodetic goods

Sales of geodetic goods

We offer for sale from a German manufacturer marker sprays and surveying nails. Sprays are sold in seven shades. Our customers' favorite colors are mainly pink, orange and red.