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We are one of the largest geomatic companies in the Czech Republic with a wide portfolio comprehensive services.

We have been doing geodesy in the context for more than 33 years on the Czech market.

We are one of the largest providers of geomatic services in the Czech Republic. Our solutions are used by professional and general public, private companies and state and public administration. Important clients are companies operating in the fields of construction, energy, telecommunications and water management.

Our technicians are constantly trained both in geomatic activities and especially in the requirements of investors, builders and designers. We regularly educate ourselves on the new directives and technical regulations of all our customers. We have company specialists for most standard construction activities, so we are able to cover virtually the full range of comprehensive services.
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On 7 April 2022, HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. presented the MawisPhoto - Beta Version software to us directly in the field on our Buttulova construction site. Subsequently, we had a 3D model of the construction created (georeferenced according to points marked with QR codes) so as to have the below-surface construction condition documented. Therefore we know, even retrospectively, how deep our utilities are laid, whether the basic standards have been adhered to, whether the utility networks intersect, etc. This document we will use as an effective and precise basis for further decision making, for example in case of repairs. We were satisfied with the training as well as with the co-operation and we see the MawisPhoto - Beta Version software solution as an important part of further construction work planning.“


Ing. Jan Vlach, IT Expert, Chotěboř Municipal Government

The UtilityReport application will be useful only by for family house builders who, by entering information about their construction project into a web-based form, can receive comments from network administrators for the building authority and thus make the lengthy process of going round all these institutions far easier, or enabling them to save money by not having to hire professional companies.


Ing. Jiří Fišer, Head of Informatics Department

HRDLIČKA has offered us complex map services since 1996. They handle the geodetic side of our operating documentation, keep the current data sets in the national map series, share information on the location of technical infrastructure with the state authorities (provide data on a particular area for town-planning documentation) and provide other specific map documentation according to our specifications.

Map services

Ing. Václav Čechura, PS Concept and Strategy Specialist

In addition to other services, HRDLIČKA provides geodetic services during the procurement of documentation on power and gas lines for our company and performs inspections of geodetic as-built building documentation, which helps keep the documentation in a consistent form and quality.

Documentation of the actual execution of constructions

Ing. Jiří Sulek, manager, Technical Register and GIS Administration Manager
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