Portal enabling easy use of geomatic services

The MAWIS web portal makes it possible to choose from a wide range of geomatic services in one place for professional builders, utilities administrators, state administration and self-government and the general public.

Creation of BIM according to standards using measured 3D data

We create object documentation based on 3D data acquisition from laser scanning, aerial photography or geodetic measurement using modern technologies with output to BIM standards.
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Extensive range of geodesy services

We provide comprehensive geodetic service on line construction (railways, highways and watercourses), from the preparation of buildings through the actual implementation to the monitoring of already realized buildings.
Geodesy services
About company

We are one of the largest geomatic companies in the Czech Republic with a wide portfolio of comprehensive services.

years on the Czech market
per year
million CZK turnover
peranent employees
We are members of the Association of Entrepreneurs in Geomatics
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