History and policy

History and policy of HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o.


After 30 years of effort, an amendment to the Act on Surveying and Mapping was approved, by which the Czech Chamber of Land Surveyors was established. The Association of Geomatics Entrepreneurs has an indelible part in it.


Acquisition of GEOSTAR spol. s r. o., company dealing with engineering geology, geotechnics, geological surveys, drilling and monitoring.


Development of the new MawisPhoto service for documenting and sharing constructions using 3D models. Mr. Miroslav Hrdlička, co-founder of the company, retires.


Acquisition of the Geocart CZ spol. s r.o. company, successful in the area of landscape engineering and land improvements design.


Establishment of HRDLIČKA Holding. Acquisition of the Intelis, s.r.o. company operating in IT and creating innovative systems. Miroslav Burda is a co-owner and CEO.

3rd place award in the competition "Best 2015 Family-Owned Company" and the certificate of membership in the Czech Chamber of Commerce.


Beginning of the processing of property documentation orders. Official opening of cultural and educational centre in the Art Nouveau-style villa in Česká Lípa.


Development of the MAWIS UtilityReport application for mass submission of requests for comments on the presence of utility networks. Building of the register of technical infrastructure administrators.


Business expansion to Bulgaria – establishment of the GEODATA Bulgaria company. The foreign trade department was established for the purpose of expansion to Southern Europe.


The company starts developing its own new software applications (both desktop and web-based) under a unified name of MAWIS.


For the first time, the company's turnover exceeds CZK 55 million. Dealership and service of Nikon devices.


Establishment of the GIS service Prague company with our German partner Mettenmeier to create geographical data and information systems.


Establishment of the first branch in Cheb, thanks to which we are closer to our customers in Germany.


On 23 April 1990, the request for the "Permission for the provision of surveying services and engineering activities" was approved. Our first order was the processing of documentation for sewage system in Mainleus.


Data creation, processing of the emerging government map work – Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic. Start of the DTM ČR project – services for network owners and administrators.

1st place award in the competition "Best 2022 Family-Owned Company" under the aegis of AMSP ČR (Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic).


Start of the BIM3D project – geodetically accurate 3D models for BIM and property management. Creation of the basis for the construction project, creation of the documentation and passports.


Development of the MAWIS Portal of a Professional Builder and the new version of the UtilityReport service, which has already generated more than 2,780,000 requests and received the 2018 eGovernment The Best award.


Acquisition of the HG elektro spol. s r.o. company engaged in design activities in the area of energy distribution networks and system design. Jaroslav Havlík is a co-owner.


Beginning of electrical network designing and construction engineering. Development of the MAWIS WaterReport service for monitoring drinking water sources in arid regions of African Ethiopia.


The company receives the "2010 Prague and Central Bohemia Entrepreneur of the Year" Ernst & Young award, that was handed over to the company owners Martin Hrdlička and Kateřina Hrdličková.


Purchase and renovation of a decaying villa in Česká Lípa. In 2008–2011 it was reconstructed with the aim to restore its original Art Nouveau appearance.


Business expansion to Slovakia – establishment of the HRDLIČKA - SLOVAKIA s.r.o. company Mr. Milan Jartys became a co-owner and CEO.


Beginning of the implementation of large mapping projects for municipalities and cities. The data thereof are still in use today and they might become the source of data for DTM ČR in the future.


Implementation of the service providing the creation of digital technical maps of towns and cities. Order for Telecom – surveying for long-distance optical network.


Significant growth of the company and building of the premises in Stodůlky – creation of the new headquarters (building A).


Establishment of the HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. company on 16 September 1991, recruitment of first employees and investment in modern geodetic and technical equipment.

Company Policy

We are one of the largest providers of geomatic services in the Czech Republic. We work with leading construction, energy, telecommunications and water management companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We are committed to preserving the natural environment and ensuring sustainable development. Safe working conditions for our employees and the other entities we work with are a priority for us, as is the quality of the services we provide.

Our mission is to provide all our customers with comprehensive geomatic services in the fields of engineering geodesy, BIM, geographic information systems, land registry and land development.

The company's management is committed to:

The company expects its employees to play an active and serious part in the ongoing implementation of the company's stated policy within the scope of their competencies and responsibilities. They should be willing to broaden and improve their qualifications and actively participate in meeting objectives in order to continuously improve the quality of services provided and reduce the adverse impact on the environment while respecting the principles of occupational health and safety. We place emphasis on teamwork, creative thinking, and a willingness to take a reasonable amount of risk.

The Company Policy is binding for all its organisational units and employees.

Prague, 1 June 2021