Landscape Engineering

We realize projects of landscape studies of landscapes, runoff conditions and complex land consolidation.

Territorial study of landscape

We offer complete processing of landscape studies of the landscape. This is an essential topic for the development and protection of the landscape in connection with the built-up area. The document should become the basis for the planning and decision-making activities of the individual authorities, as it can connect individual municipalities and the whole region. Until now, spatial planning has mainly focused on built-up areas and in open countryside planning has been addressed only in protected areas. At a time when our landscape is increasingly threatened by water scarcity, it is necessary to make more use of spatial planning tools.

Study of runoff conditions

We are engaged in elaboration of studies of runoff conditions (water management study), which are required by the state land authorities before the commencement of complex land adjustments. The analysis of the area includes field surveys, evaluation of runoff and erosion conditions, evaluation of existing land-use planning documentation and identification of amelioration structures. The result is a framework design of the road network, a comprehensive design of anti-erosion and anti-flood measures with determination of their effectiveness with respect to ÚSES elements.

Land consolidation

For state administration, specifically for state land offices, we prepare simple and complex land consolidation (CPA). We provide comprehensive processing of land consolidation, ie evaluation of documents and analysis of the current situation, surveying the area of interest, determining the course of boundaries on the perimeter of land consolidation, plan common facilities, settling claims landowners land from the design of the new layout to the demarcation of the new land boundaries after the approved treatment.