Property cadastres

Laying out land boundaries, drawing up geometric plans and easement services.

We offer all work in the land register. Above all it concerns creation of all kinds of geometric plans, investigation, setting out and dividing of land boundaries. We deal with complex issues of contractual relations, including creation of other necessary documents and documentation. We are ready to represent our clients and customers in negotiations and proceedings conducted in the Land Registry.

Geometric plans of easements

We make geometric plans of easements ranging from individual meters up to hundreds of kilometers, including contracts for their entry in the Land Register for the largest utility operators such as ČEZ Distribuce, as, ČEPS, as, CETIN, as, RWE, as, E.ON , as, etc.

Geometric plans

We prepare simple geometric plans, for example for building approval and subsequent registration of the building in the CN or for the division of land, as well as extensive geometric plans for settlement of ownership relations before and after construction of mainly transport routes, utilities etc.

Demarcation of land boundaries

According to the customer's requirements we set the boundaries of the land and always follow the valid laws and regulations. We provide stabilization of land boundaries and set out in cases where it is necessary to enclose a land with imperceptible boundaries or before transferring a parcel with imperceptible boundaries or before commencing design work to locate a building.

Advice on land register

We are ready to consult with our customers about all problems in the Land Register, to lead and represent them in negotiations with cadastral offices at all levels, and we also create methodological procedures how to best and easiest to handle the whole Land Registry issues within our activities.