Asseco Berit, our business partner in Germany

Cooperation between companies brings business success also abroad.

Our company HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. has been operating on the market for the 4th decade and during this time has offered its services not only to Czech clients but also to customers from abroad. The main market, besides the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has always been Germany, where our company has been operating since the very beginning and where we have proven the quality of our work on several dozen orders. The best way to operate in foreign countries is always to have the help of a local market expert. Working with local business partners who can be trusted pushes the joint business forward even when attending events.

Asseco BERIT GmbH is one of our key German partners. We have been in contact with them for almost 10 years and are in our 4th year of cooperation on the licensing of MawisPhoto. This helps to document buildings in 3D using a mobile phone app, a web app, and a 3D viewer. MawisPhoto complements Asseco BERIT GmbH's portfolio of tools that focus on data management, GIS, and process and portal solutions. As part of our cooperation, we have trained users together, but also help to organize webinars and participate in events and conferences together.‍

Among the first customers of Asseco BERIT GmbH to acquire the innovative MawisPhoto were: the municipal geodata company MVV Netze GmbH and Trigis, Currenta managing geodata at the Chempark Bayer Uerdingen, as well as Laqua operating geodata at the chemical plant LyondellBassel.

Joint stand at events

Do you know Intergeo? An event that has long been no longer just a conference and trade fair, but an exclusive platform for the presentation of innovative solutions in the field of geoinformation. The companies that participate in the annual event can not only offer their services at their booths, but it is above all a networking opportunity for them. Intergeo 2023 took place in Berlin. In addition to business people, we also sent specialists from the ranks of surveyors and 3D analysts to Intergeo to gain inspiration and push themselves in their respective fields. More than 560 exhibitors from different countries presented in 5 halls in the Berlin exhibition area and it was also possible to attend lectures and a supporting programme.

Colleagues Ing. Inka Trávníčková Rubáčková said. And I did it! I gained valuable insights into the latest technologies and developments within geospatial data, including the use of drones, artificial intelligence, and software support." Intergeo 2024 will be held in Stuttgart next September.

Together with Assec BERIT GmbH, we are still presenting MawisPhoto at E-world energy & water, the meeting point for the European energy industry. It is also repeated every year and the next one is scheduled for February in Essen, Germany. We will be there again.

Asseco BERIT GmbH belongs to the internationally active Asseco Group, which employs over 33,000 people and operates in more than 60 countries. We see great potential in trading abroad in possible partnerships with other members of this group.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to many more years together.

Authors: Mgr. Lucie Kmochová and Ondřej Hrdlička MTCP (Hons)

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