Company-wide training in Hotel Akademie Naháč

After a two-year break, we met again for the regular training of HRDLIČKA Holding employees.

On Friday, January 20, the annual company-wide training for all employees of the HRDLIČKA Holding Group took place. Since we are not few anymore and the number of participants was close to two hundred, we met at the Hotel Akademie Naháč near Prague, which was convenient in terms of accommodation capacity and commuting distance for all our colleagues from branches across the country (colleagues from Slovakia will always be far away 😊, but they still like to visit us and we are always happy to see them).

A series of seminars were prepared for employees to discuss professional topics and to learn about new technological procedures, expand their awareness of existing and new services and deepen their knowledge. The topics of geodetic surveying for both SŽ and ŘSD, the issues of land cadastre, the creation of digital technical maps, new mapping technologies, as well as MGEO software and the development of MAWIS Geodata Management and MAWIS Tools were communicated.

A very interesting seminar was First Aid and Health Science led by outsiders from PRVNÍ POMOC ŽIVĚ, which was also conducted in the form of practical training using simulated injuries and training rescue tools. All participants of the course certainly took away valuable insights on how to behave in a crisis situation and how to help properly.

Specialists from Geotronics also came to show us new instruments and measurement methods. Thanks to them, the seminars that took place throughout the day were much more interesting for all participants and they took away additional practical experience.

In the evening, the traditional presentation of the management of the individual companies belonging to the HRDLIČKA Holding Group took place. The opening speech was given by the owner and managing director Ing. Martin Hrdlička, who summarized the past year 2022, and presented strategies and visions for 2023. Unfortunately, some of the management could not attend in person, but we managed to connect with them through Microsoft Teams. The applause of the packed hall was also heard by Ing. Yevhenii Spivak, colleague, and director of GEODATA Ukraine. We were all pleased that the current situation in Ukraine made the connection possible and we could see and greet Zhenya at least remotely.

The rest of the evening was in a friendly and informal spirit. A nice change was the photo corner, where all the brave people could immortalize themselves and take a funny photo with their colleagues as a souvenir. 😊 We believe that everyone enjoyed the meeting, because it was not only a balanced combination of training and fun, but above all a chance for us all to meet again and talk in person.

Bc. Veronika Kastnerová

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