GEOSTAR becomes part of HRDLIČKA Holding

The Brno-based geological and geotechnical company is now a member of the group HRDLIČKA Holding.

Brno geological and geotechnical firm GEOSTAR, spol. s r.o. became part of the HRDLIČKA Holding Group on 13 July 2021.

The reason for the acquisition is synergies in the field of transport construction, which is the company's main field of activity. It will complement the Group's portfolio of services in the construction sector.

The function of the Managing Director will be performed by Ing. Jaroslav Hauser, CSc., who previously held the position of Managing Director and Head of Engineering Geology and Hydrology.

We believe that Geostar will take advantage of the potential of the HRDLIČKA Holding Group and help with further business expansion in the field of services for transport construction.

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