Miroslav Hrdlička, the founder of the company, passed away at the age of 93.

Dear fellow surveyors and today geomatics,

it is my duty as a son and partner in business to inform you that on the night of Saturday to Sunday, January 8, Ing. Miroslav Hrdlička forever.

We all knew him as an active person, so I reckon that he knocked on the gates of heaven that very night, and I believe that in his case St. Peter chose an accelerated process of acceptance.

In his person, not only has my dad passed away but my best friend and partner. He was in his 60s when we started the business 33 years ago. Yet, he threw himself into the work and building a branch business then. He always knew that "together we can do more" and he was involved in the work of the Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers since the early 1990s. In several waves, he was involved in the effort to create a Chamber of Surveyors by law. Even in the last days of his life, he was happy that the hope of creating a Czech Chamber of Surveyors was so close. If our APG efforts to establish a chamber by law are successful, then I am a little sad that I will not be able to give it to my dad as a gift that after 30 years of effort, it has finally succeeded. But I believe that working for our company and for the industry has added many years to his life.

The last farewell to my dad will be on January 13, 2023, at 3 p.m. in the form of a funeral mass at the Church of St. Ludmila in Tetín near Beroun. I will be very happy if you come to say goodbye to my dad.

Ing. Martin Hrdlička

Ing. Miroslav Hrdlička (1930–2023)

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