Teambuilding in Großarl, Austria

This year we went to Austria for a weekend teambuilding

On Friday, September 9th, we traditionally went to the mountains for teambuilding. Our destination this year was the Großarltal valley in Austria. We had a walk around the village and then an evening together where we planned everything that awaited us in the following days.

On Saturday we split into two groups (depending on the difficulty of the route). The first group started at Aualm. We walked via Lichtensteinkopf to the Dorfgastein-Klammstein cross, from there we continued to Schuhflicker (2214m), descended to Schluhflickersee and then we had a circuit via Hochegg and Urkübel around Heugatwand to Schernbergalm. From there we returned to Schluhflickersee, where our route turned onto Austuhl and continued to the finish. By this time the mist had started to fall over the peaks, so we were glad to be heading for the finish. We freshened up at the Aualm hut and headed back to Großarl. The second group set off from Bergstraße, passing Panoramastub'n on the way, continuing through Gehwolfalm to Arltörl (1798m), where the chapel of the same name is located. Then it went via Kieserl and Fulseck, where there is also a cross with the same name, to the finish and then also to Großarl. After returning to our accommodation, we all rested, cultured, and went out for dinner together. Finding a place for 27 people wasn't exactly easy, but we were eventually seated at a local pizzeria.

On Sunday we split up again, some of our colleagues had to go home for their duties and the rest of us went to the world's longest ice cave Eisriesenwelt. It is 42 km long and located in the heart of the Hochlkogel mountain. Only part of it is covered with ice. There is a climb up to the cave and part of the way is preferable to take a cable car, the tour takes about 1 hour and there are 1400 steps to climb.

We would like to thank all our colleagues for their participation, the great atmosphere and photos they made available to us, and especially Zuzka Mošnová for editing the videos.

A big thank you to our Chief Executive Office Jan Floriánek for preparing this event every year and coming up with the routes for us + our lovely HR manager Markéta Sommerová for helping him with the event, even though she was unfortunately unable to attend.

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