UtilityReport interface with ČEPS

Integration between our service and the new system AVES.

Our company launched the UtilityReport in 2009. Since then, we have been operating the service and continue developing it. It is a successful commercial product that facilitates part of the builder's agenda in the building permitting process. As a result, the solution connects to major national and regional technical infrastructure managers. They are an important stakeholder in the management of this agenda, and we are able to digitize and automate the process efficiently.

Last year, CEPS, a.s. approached us with a request for integration between their new Automated Variance Expression for Existence of Networks (AVES) system and our UtilityReport service. They asked us to help them build an interface to automatically take requests from our system (the public filing room) to their newly acquired application supplied by Arkance Systems CZ s.r.o. to support commenting.

The jointly implemented interface of the companies de facto simulates the future vision of the operation of the builder's portal, which will support the processes of commenting on the existence of networks. From our public filing room, we pass applications to the solution inside the infrastructure of CEPS and in turn, CEPS passes to our solution the definition of their spatial scope where they want to comment on investment plans and construction implementation.

We are happy to have been here to help CEPS automate and digitize its process.

Development Director Ing. Jan Jiránek

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