Cooperation with students in 2023

Engaging in practice is a rewarding experience during studies and in future career choices.

Společnost HRDLIČKA se již dlouhá léta snaží podporovat a motivovat studenty. Jak se říká, škola je základ života. Avšak praxe a nabyté vědomosti z reálných situací pod dohledem odborníků jsou zkušeností, která vám umožní více pochopit a zažít si školní poučky a pravidla. Je rozhodně správné, že firmy navazují spolupráci se školami. Osvěta napříč obory může změnit postoj studentů při výběru budoucího povolání. Jsme rádi, že řada studentů u nás po skončení školy, praxe nebo brigády zůstala pracovat.

Geodetů je v současnosti celkově nedostatek. Cítíme odpovědnost podpořit a propagovat tento krásný obor.


It seems like an ordinary job, but we work with very expensive and modern machines that require professional competence. Simply put, before we can consider the final job complete and hand it over to the client, there are hours of preparing documents, surveying, and miles of walking in the field in all weathers, as well as hours of data processing in the office using special licensed programs and communicating with the client. It's a very varied job.

We could name a countless list of activities we prepare for schools and students: professional practices, conferences, competitions, brigades..., we sponsor and support school activities, we introduce students to the work of a surveyor in a fun way not only in our company but directly in schools.


Last year, the 16th edition of the IG5 (International Geodetic Pentathlon) took place, with 18 high schools from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary participating. The aim is to create contacts not only between students from different schools, to compare their knowledge and experience in the field, but also across schools and teachers. The competition disciplines are typical activities of a surveyor and a knowledge text in the fields of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, GIS, etc.

GISacek 2023 is a competitive conference across colleges where we not only sponsored but also sat on the expert jury. We evaluated the quality of the preparation of semester, bachelor, and master thesis topics in the field of geomatics.

The 26th edition of the iconic geodetic event G++ was the traditional christening of the first year of the MSc in Geomatics with live music, geodetic competitions, presentation of the year...

We participated in the World Road Congress, which focuses on highway and road management, mobility, sustainability, operations, and maintenance... and a student day. Our stand was informative. Our colleagues answered eager questions from each student group, which we accompanied in the second half of the event. After all, a surveyor is needed for every construction project, even road construction. Moreover, our state-of-the-art data collection methods save work, time, and money. That's why our specialists, fellow surveyors, presented a Trimble X9 laser scanner and a DJI M300 professional drone at the stand.

Our colleague, HR specialist Markéta Sommerová, adds, "I see many benefits in cooperation between companies and schools, both for companies, schools and students.

Companies can provide schools with information about current trends and needs in the labor market, which helps schools update their educational content and ensure that students gain the necessary skills to succeed in the work environment.

Collaboration also helps to create better links between the education system and the labour market. This can lead to a better understanding of labour market needs by schools and improve students' chances of finding suitable employment after graduation.

Overall, therefore, communication between companies and schools is key to ensure that the education system better meets the needs and challenges of the modern labour market and that students gain the necessary skills and experience to succeed in their careers."

As a family-owned company, we work with our employees on a basis of trust and carry the family atmosphere and experience into the work environment. Join us!

Author: Kateřina Skočdopole

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