Corporate teambuilding in Leogang, Austria

This year we went to Austria again for a weekend teambuilding.

On Friday afternoon we arrived at the Andrea mountain hut, which we had all to ourselves. The chalet is located in the village of Leogang in Salzburg and is surrounded by the rocky massif of the Leoganger Steinberge and the Kitzbühel Alps.

On Saturday we split into two groups and went hiking in the mountains. Both groups had a route of about 20 kilometers. How did they differ? The elevation! The first, less demanding route had an elevation gain of about 500 vertical meters, the second had 1400 vertical meters. The beautiful weather we had on Friday turned a bit bad on Saturday and the views were obscured by the fog drifting over the landscape. Fortunately, it subsided in the afternoon and the view of the beautiful mountains was our reward for the hike so far. In the evening we grilled something good to eat.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast together, packed up, and headed to the town of Lofer, where we had already prepared our rafts. We documented our rafting trip on the Saalach River and you can watch a clip of it in the video below.

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