Family business and its values

We are one of the largest providers of geomatics services in the Czech Republic.

HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. is currently one of the largest providers of geomatics services in the Czech Republic. It includes surveying (geodesy and cartography), remote sensing (including photogrammetry), and geographic information systems. In addition to classical geodetic services, it also operates BIM 3D technologies, where it creates documentation of objects based on 3D data using laser scanning, photogrammetry, or geodetic measurements with output according to BIM standards.  Last but not least, it also offers a range of smart solutions and applications on the Mawis portal for professional builders to make their work more efficient and faster.‍

Last year, the company won an award in the Family Business of the Year 2022 competition: first place in the Medium Business category. The competition is organized by the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Tradesmen of the Czech Republic (AMSP CR). They are looking for interesting and inspiring stories of companies that pride themselves on their good name, honest dealings, and tradition.  The large jury included representatives of the AMSP CR, universities, multinational companies, and banks. Forbes magazine even included HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. in the list of "the biggest family companies of 2023 that dominate domestic business." One of the founders, Ing. "We appreciate this recognition, it gives us motivation to continue our good work."

You can listen to his other thoughts entitled: Even a family business must follow moral rules in the AMSP ČR podcast.‍

We have prepared a small taste of this interview for you:‍

The origins of the Hrdlicka family company date back to the 1990s. I (Martin Hrdlička) was 25 years old and my father (Miroslav Hrdlička) was almost 60, which is an unusual age to start a company. "My father was a surveyor for many years, we gathered experience and dreamed of doing business together. We earned our living in Melouchas, where I helped him from the age of 12 as a figurehead in surveying. It was not an easy time. We had virtually no start-up capital, we hadn't restored anything. Only our experience in the field, our knowledge of German, and a few contacts in Germany allowed us to carry out our first contracts in Germany after the opening of the border, and then we continued in the Czech Republic.

From the original trade, the geodetic company HRDLIČKA was established in 1991, and we hired our first employees (note: some of our employees still work with us today). Branches were established across the country with overlapping abroad, we invested in a number of companies in the same or related fields, e.g. geology, IT, etc. This has greatly expanded our client base. The consolidation of all our business activities led us to the idea of establishing a holding company. HRDLIČKA Holding was established in 2015 and now has a turnover of over 355 million crowns and more than 280 employees. We have surpassed the vision of a small family business.‍

Involving the family and passing on knowledge and experience to the next generation is key not only for the family but also for our employees and our business partners. The stability of company ownership is a guarantee of security and future prospects. As we own several companies, we are very busy with our roles as partners and managing directors. We are pleased that our children understand this responsibility and are involved in carrying on the tradition of the family firm, for it bears our name. Currently, both sons work in the company, Ondřej is in charge of foreign trade and Vojtěch helps in the legal area and is involved in several projects. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the roles of parent and manager, but we have managed to cope with that as well.‍

I believe our success makes my father happy even though he is no longer with us (1930-2023). He threw himself into the business and the building of surveying with an effort and diligence all his own. He always knew that "together we can do more". We founded the Association of Businessmen in Geomatics, and thanks to it and the support of a number of organizations, the Chamber of Surveyors and Cartographers was established after much effort, and now has the backing of the law with mandatory membership of authorized persons. My only regret is that I could not tell my father after long efforts, we succeeded, says Martin Hrdlička. The Czech Chamber of Land Surveyors has been enacted into law, its establishment was approved by the Parliament of the Czech Republic on Wednesday 8 March 2023. It means an increase in the prestige of the field, its establishment among other fields, and above all a guarantee of quality ...."‍

What has the company been doing most recently?

Currently, the company is also one of the co-authors of the national mapping work "Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic" (DTM CR), which is now associated with new legal obligations for owners, administrators, and operators of networks and communications. "The DTM CR is a huge challenge for our company and the entire industry. We can say that it is now a daily company topic, and even considering the little time we have been given to work on it, my colleagues and I are doing everything we can to make the project a success," says Martin Hrdlička.‍

HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. cooperates with leading Czech and foreign construction, energy, telecommunications, and water companies. It is committed to preserving the natural environment and ensuring sustainable development. Safe working conditions for employees and other cooperating entities are a priority, as is the quality of the services provided.‍

Where are we going and what lies ahead?‍

"We want to be of service to society not only through our business and paying taxes, we also founded HORIZONT HG 2014, a non-profit organization that helps people to reach beyond their horizon and see beyond. That was the idea. This is what we are working towards with projects like Drones for Ukraine, monitoring wells in Ethiopia called Protecting Water in Africa, or running the Villa Hrdlička cultural and educational center in Česká Lípa.‍

And what is our vision for the future?

Digitalization. Digitalization is not a dest
ination, it is a journey. It is a big topic, a tool, a trend that can move our business forward. We're investing in technology, software development. But everything must go hand in hand with educating people to see the sense and benefits in it, concludes Mr. Ing. Hrdlička."‍

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