Further automation of construction processing

On January 1, 2021, the production version of EMS21 +, External Map Services for EG.D, a.s.

The main supplier is Intelis, s.r.o. from the Hrdlička group and the company Hrdlička, s.r.o. then it traditionally provides geodata processing.

Since 2006, when EMS - then still for E.ON - was launched for the first time, the method of checking and incorporating data from construction documentation has shifted significantly. Digitization and automation are advancing in the field of geomatics perhaps faster than in other spheres, and the EMS service is setting new trends in it.

Much has changed since our colleagues in the offices looked for surveyors with paper documents in their armpits during "office hours" to manually inspect and stamp it. The transmission of documentation online via the web interface was the first swallow, followed by online inspections with the possibility of immediate detection of deficiencies, and now the whole process is moved a bit further when the data from compliant documentation is automatically incorporated into the data warehouse.

For the processing of documentation, EG.D provides all suppliers with a detailed methodology and a description of the interchangeable format (GML). Thus, surveying companies are not limited to specific software and can choose the platform they will use, or create their own processing line. Before submitting, they can check the documentation in the EMS21 + free of charge and transfer the data in a guaranteed manner without errors.

How does it all work?

The state logic of elements is introduced to update topographic data.
Before processing the new documentation, data is issued - all issued elements are in the existing state.
After the update, the surveyor returns all issued elements in one of 3 states (existing/changed/canceled) and passes the newly measured elements in the new state.
EMS21 + automatically incorporates the documentation into a seamless map and passes it back for further use.

What are the benefits?
More frequent updates and faster incorporation of constructions - changes submitted once a week
Possibility to choose processing SW
Connection to other customer systems (easements, design, etc.)
Overview of the history of changes/origin of data

A few numbers about EMS21 +
Users: hundreds from the ranks of surveying, design, and construction companies
Coverage: over 4,000 cadastral areas (approx. 1/3 of the Czech Republic)
Number of processed construction documentation: 16,000 per year (pre-project focus + DSPS)
Number of elements in the data warehouse: over 50,000,000

Author: Mgr. Tomáš Kadeřábek

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