How we helped digitize the construction industry this year

The digitalization of the construction industry is in development, but we are part of it.

The project of the exchange format of occupation reports (VFZE) for ŘSD ČR and SŽ a.s. is slowly coming to an end and we can be rightly proud of ourselves. Our vision is being fulfilled and we are becoming more and more involved in activities that facilitate and digitize the construction industry.

This year, we launched the STAVEE electronic builder on the MAWIS portal in cooperation with Innogy and Intelis. We created the MawisPhoto application to document the construction using a mobile phone. At the same time, we are constantly improving the UtilityReport application for submitting requests for comments on the existence of networks.

We hope that every year these activities will increase and increase and that the construction industry will not be digitized only in parts, but the entire construction industry as such.

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