HRDLIČKA is a new member of the UAVA alliance

We have become a member of the UAV Alliance.

The mission of the Alliance is to create prerequisites and optimal conditions for research, development, production, business to develop UAV technologies and UAV applications, as well as cooperation with bodies and organizations that directly or indirectly build on the subject of activities of associated members. assumptions to support the UAV. Cooperation with state and local authorities and the Parliament of the Czech Republic in the field of aeronautical unmanned aircraft industry is crucial. In a societal context, the Alliance advocates public awareness of UAV technology.

The Alliance also represents, represents and promotes the Alliance and its members, develops collaboration between members and collaboration to acquire and support new projects for UAV industrial applications, further support and promote training for the UAV.

To fulfill this mission, the Alliance brings together, in particular, commercial entities, researchers and institutions, NGOs and non-profit organizations, and all supporters supporting the unmanned aviation industry.

Ing. Tomáš Kocian
taken from UAVA

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