Introducing the EMS18 service

EMS stands for E.ON's "External Mapping Service".

We asked Lukáš Opat from Hrdlička to explain what the EMS18 service is for and how surveyors are to use it. Who must use EMS18? And why number eighteen?

EMS stands for “External Mapping Service” of E.ON. The number 18 indicates that the development of the map service began in 2018. EMS18 must use surveyors to transmit the data acquired by the documentation. From the EMS18 service, the first part of the surface map data (ÚMPS) after their validation goes to Hrdlička for incorporation into a seamless map and the second part of the data, which contains utilities, goes directly to E.ON.

What does a surveyor need to install to use the EMS18?

Geodet does not need to install anything, because it is a web application that is available on the Internet. The EMS18 portal is available at

Is EMS18 mandatory for E.ON or can it be avoided?

It's a mandatory service. E.ON Czech Republic requires certain rules to be met when transmitting data to EMS18. These are defined by the Directive “Rules for the creation of a geodetic part of the documentation of power equipment for electricity and natural gas” (PECD19).

If I do not have to install anything as a surveyor, in what format do I have to enter data into the web service?

As soon as a surveyor prepares a contract for E.ON, he must download GML data from their Geoportal for measurement. In the same data format, the resulting data is submitted to EMS18. So the surveyor must use some software that can import and export GML format. For example, Gisoft offers two programs, MGEO and SPIDER-EN, for order processing to meet PECD19 requirements. MGEO is mainly focused on drawing drawings and can be used by surveyors and designers. SPIDER-EN is primarily aimed at supporting design activities and, among other things, enables the creation of outputs according to PECD19. By the way, Gisoft is supplying the EMS18 with validation checks so that the data can be passed on.

What role in the company EMS18 Hrdlička, respectively. Intelis?

Intelis was a supplier of EMS18 and Hrdlička provided technical support throughout the workflow, as we had previously programmed and operated the previous external map services.

Besides Gisoft software, does anyone have software that can validate?

HSI also has its data preparation software. It's called ProGeo. Geovap has GeStore V6.

Is the control automated on the server? Or does the surveyor have to wait for some “human response”?

Checks are automatic, the surveyor can perform a test validation and after successful completion then run the production.

What GIS do they use in E.on?

E.ON's internal geographic information system is called G! NIUS, supplied by Hexagon (Intergraph CS). The EMS18 workflow also uses the LIDS system from Asseco Central Europe, which Hrdlička uses for purpose data processing purpose maps of surface situation, more commonly known under the acronym ÚMPS.

Author: Mgr. Tomáš Kadeřábek

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