Jirka Bžoch is retiring

Jirka is the very first employee of Hrdlička spol. s.r.o.

Jirka Bžoch worked for Energoprojekt for almost 20 years. On May 2, 1991, he joined his longtime colleague Miroslav Hrdliček in a trade called Hrdlička & Hrdlička. Subsequently, on January 1, 1993, he joined the parallel operating company HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o., in which Jirka became the first employee.

The turtles went to work in Germany, where they focused mainly on railways, highways, sewer passports, and other interesting contracts. Over time, the company began to expand and began work on the Czech market.

From the very beginning, Jirka was a pillar of practical geodesy, on which the generations of surveyors who grew up among Hrdličky relied. We still draw on his ideas and "tweaks", which he was able to produce almost on his knees. Jirka does not know the word obstacle. All the difficulties and problems for him mean only one thing - a challenge. As soon as a difficult task appears on the horizon, from which the other hands are given away, Jirka comes to life, and immediately ideas for how to deal with a complicated task are born in his head.

"In all the time I've known him, I don't remember a single task he couldn't handle. I would like every surveyor to have the honor of working with Jirka on a project, being on the same team with him, and seeing the enthusiasm with which he throws himself into work and how he spreads a good mood around him. A wonderful school of life. ”Adds David Mašek, his leader for the last 9 years.
Jirka, for the company HRDLIČKA and for the whole "geodetic party" we wish you good luck, health, and well-being in your pension. We will be happy if you come to see us and we will be happy if we can continue to contact you with various problems.

Petr Pavelka, Production Director

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