Laser scanning in the center of Prague

Innovative approach to processing and displaying building interiors.

Architecture, construction, and surveying are fields that are constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies. One of the revolutionary ones is the use of 3D laser scanning to image the interiors of buildings. This modern method is fundamentally changing the way designers, engineers, and architects work.

We would like to share with you a project we have been involved in in the very center of Prague.

Our company was tasked with mapping the interior of a residential building with a floor area of approximately 2,500 square meters, which extends from the basement to the eighth floor. We used the 3D laser scanning method to obtain the data. The result of this survey was floor plans with the apartments marked and their floor area. Trimble X9 and Trimble X7 were used for this purpose.

The Trimble X7 is a high-speed scanning station based on fully integrated 3D scanning capabilities. It can export data to standard point cloud formats. Our new addition, the Trimble X9, is also a universal laser scanner with a speed of up to 1 million points per second, a range of up to 150 m, and a high level of automation (self-calibration, auto-horizoning, self-registration,...).

‍Laser scanning of interiors opens the door to many advantages:

Accuracy – extreme precision. Every apartment, corridor, and room is recorded at hundreds of thousands of points per second thanks to laser scanners, creating detailed models with minimal deviation.

Speed – fast data collection, which saves time and increases project efficiency.

Updates – 3D models can be easily updated, allowing tracking over time.

Visualization – creating a complete 3D model using laser data allows for a permanent record of the interior, an attractive presentation, or analysis of the space for further planning or renovation.

This project is a clear example of how advanced technology like laser scanning can change the way we approach interior design.

If you have any questions or would like to share your laser scanning experience with us, we would be very happy to.

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Author: Ing. Zuzana Mošnová

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