Laser scanning of Čiper's Villa

In the summer of 2021, we carried out a scan of this rational classical villa in Zlín.

The Zlín Region has applied to the EU National Restoration Fund for a subsidy for the historic and representative Čiper's Villa, which has been listed as an immovable cultural monument since 2002. This architectural gem is located in the Burešov district of Zlín and its original owner was a prominent Zlín citizen Dominik Čipera. He was the director of the Bata company, the mayor of Zlín and a Czechoslovak minister. The construction of the villa in the style of an English country house with a modernist spatial design began in 1939 and was completed in 1942. The architect was Vladimír Karfík.

Unfortunately, the Čiper family did not enjoy the villa for very long. In 1945 the Bata factories were nationalised and Dominik Čipera resigned as mayor. This was followed by emigration to Canada. Before emigrating, he donated the villa on the condition that it would serve the social needs of the inhabitants of the Zlín region. In September 1947, it began to serve as a children's home and the children are still there today. There is a counselling and crisis centre for children from troubled families. However, the needs of this centre are no longer fully met by the villa, and the centre will therefore be moving to new premises. This is one of the reasons why the region has begun to consider what to do with this important monument and has come up with the idea of reconstruction. The villa will thus come to life again thanks to the establishment of a new cultural and creative centre.

The region received a subsidy and thanks to the sum of 100 380 000 crowns this important historical building, known as Čiper's Villa, will soon become a new cultural and creative center. It will serve to bring together and strengthen the interest of children and schoolchildren in the cultural and creative sectors. However, the building should also be designed for adults and seniors. For example, symposiums and seminars should be held here and, among other things, it should be possible to study industrial architecture. ‍

The sensitive reconstruction will preserve the legacy of Dominik Čipera. The intended exhibitions should also draw attention to the original owner. The Chipera family has welcomed the county's plans and appreciates that this historic building will be given a second chance at life.

In 2021, we targeted the villa using static laser scanning and aerial photography. The surroundings of the villa, including the adjacent garden house, were also targeted. The dense point cloud was colored with RGB images and positioned in the S-JTSK coordinate system. Based on the point cloud, a 3D model of the interior and exterior of the building was created with a detail corresponding to LOD 300. At the same time, construction drawings - floor plans, sections, views - were created.

Bc. Veronika Kastnerová

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