MawisPhoto on our construction site

The city used the beta version of the our service on Buttulova construction site

"On 7 April 2022, HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. presented the MawisPhoto - Beta Version software to us directly in the field on our Buttulova construction site. Subsequently, we had a 3D model of the construction created (georeferenced according to points marked with QR codes) so as to have the below-surface construction condition documented. Therefore we know, even retrospectively, how deep our utilities are laid, whether the basic standards have been adhered to, whether the utility networks intersect, etc. This document we will use as an effective and precise basis for further decision making, for example in case of repairs. We were satisfied with the training as well as with the co-operation and we see the MawisPhoto - Beta Version software solution as an important part of further construction work planning.

Ing. Jan Vlach, IT Expert, Chotěboř Municipal Government

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