New MAWIS ContractSupport app

Contracts, documents and proposals for entry into the Land Registry at the snap of a finger.

We are pleased to introduce the new ContractSupport service, which is now also part of the MAWIS portal.

ContractSupport simplifies the process of creating contracts in construction engineering and property settlements related to easements.

According to prepared rules and conditions, the application generates contracts with attachments and makes them available for download in Word format. These can then be edited or modified by the user. The application logically enters texts according to the type of entity or tax obligation and calculates compensation amounts using predefined formulas.

At the same time, the application is linked to the Land Registry and therefore uses data on parcels and owners from the GP VBř file. It supports editing of easement records, title deeds, owners and contracts. The advantage is the possibility to compare the data against the current status of parcels in RÚIAN. In addition, it can electronically transfer data from contracts to the application form for entry into the Land Registry.

ContractSupport will make it faster and cheaper to conclude contracts with property owners. It automates the generation of the correct texts for easement contracts and supports the work with land registry data, thus eliminating possible errors.

All the advantages of this service can be found on the website:

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