New service - thermal imagers for heat leakage

We have recently started offering thermal imaging to our customers.

We now offer our customers the measurement with the FLIR C3 thermal imager, which will help you to detect heat leaks on buildings, hot water pipelines, steam pipelines, etc.

Our first contract was directed to the town of Kdyně, which is located in the Pilsen region, where we measured the route of the primary and secondary hot water pipeline. You can see heat leakage on the speck.

Specifications of the FLIR C3 thermal imager:

In FLIR thermal imagers, thermograms are in radiometric JPG format. This has the advantage that although the thermograms contain all the measured information (including eg real photos, measurement parameters, etc.), the preview of the thermogram in JPG format is viewable in any image viewer.

The thermogram shows the relative temperatures, in order to obtain absolute temperatures it is necessary to edit five measurement parameters. Emissivity and apparent reflected temperature are the most important; distances, atmospheric temperature and atmospheric humidity can also be changed.


- MSX-optimized thermal images display even the smallest details and make finding problem areas easier.
- You can store fully radiometric images with 4800 measuring pixels in the temperature range of -10 ° C to +150 ° C.
- Wide field of view captures everything that professionals need to see, and thanks to higher thermal sensitivity, even the smallest temperature differences in building applications are recognized.

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