Nové Veselí - steel roof construction

Measurement of the concrete silage trough and marking out the steel structure for the future installation of columns.

In Nové Veselí in the Highlands, we helped an agricultural cooperative to prepare a steel structure for the roof to protect silage or haylage from the bad weather. First, a concrete silage trough of 80 × 20 meters was surveyed, on which a steel structure was laid out for the extension of the wall and then a supporting structure for the installation of "boots" for the future installation of columns. Unfortunately, the underlying concrete structure was not completely rectangular, which was not foreseen in the planned design. Therefore, during the measurements, we were forced to transfer part of the corrections from the non-rectangularity to the steel beams and another part to the fitted "shoes". The resulting position on the beams thus already corresponded to the design. The structure was built on the welded "shoes" and the resulting roof assembly sat beautifully on the prepared columns.

Pavel Hladík

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