Our services saved the villages during the Padnemia

In the village of Tetín, the STAVEE and MawisPhoto applications were used to electronize the construction industry.

also works as the mayor of Tetín, he could try first-hand how important digitization and electronization are during a pandemic. For example, investing in digital technical maps and GIS was a happy choice before and during the pandemic. No one had to go into the field. They simply had all the information immediately available and could make decisions. The planned investment construction was also in jeopardy. The municipality, therefore, decided to use two applications, namely the electronic construction diary STAVEE. He not only fulfills the obligations of the construction diary under the law but also becomes the bearer of information throughout the construction period. In addition, it reduces the number of meetings on site. The second tool is MawisPhoto, which allows the builder to document the construction of underground networks before it is filled in using a mobile application and thus does not require the presence of technical supervision of the investor on the construction site daily. The pandemic brought something good. She showed that we must strive not only for the gradual electronicization of construction management processes but also for the digitization of the construction industry in general.

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