Pilsen flyover - the importance of surveyors on the construction site

The new western ring road is a key transport construction for the city of Pilsen.

The under-construction bypass consisting mainly of bridge structures including a 1.2 km long flyover and another 3.5 km of drained roads is a challenge not only for construction companies but also for surveyors who have been an important part of this construction for twenty years.

The construction, which is expected to be commissioned in summer 2023, is a continuation of the so-called zero stage of construction, which has already connected Domažlicka Street with Vejprnicka Street. The next stage is intended to divert some of the transit traffic, especially from Karlovarská and Klatovská avenues, which are congested because tens of thousands of cars pass through them every day. Computer simulations estimate that up to a third of the cars on Karlovarská třída or the General Patton Bridge could then be reduced.

Surveyors have a vital role to play in such construction. In addition to the basic positioning and elevation of the structure in space, they provide the daily delineation of the individual stages and the subsequent spatial control of the sub-elements. Due to the large material volumes, they also monitor whether there is any subsidence or displacement of parts of the building. Finally, they also check the condition of the finished element - comparing its actual position with the design position and assessing whether the prescribed tolerances have been met.

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Radek Burián

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