Plzeňská flyover SO 1202 is opened

Enjoy with us beautiful shots from height taken by a drone.

The Křimická - Karlovarská flyover in Pilsen has rightly been named the largest transport construction in Western Bohemia for several reasons. The pillar-supported roadway measures an impressive 1.2 km and helps bridge the floodplain of the Mže River where the construction of another type of road would be more costly and complicated. Together with three intersections, four bridges, three bio-corridors, and other structures, the work forms a 3.5 km long urban ring road. Its construction cost a total of approximately CZK 2.2 billion.

The construction companies BERGER BOHEMIA a.s. and Metrostav a.s. joined forces here and managed to complete everything relatively on time despite the unfavorable market situation (rising prices of materials due to the pandemic and energy due to the war in Ukraine).

One of the interesting facts is that the Western Ring Road will be used by public transport in addition to conventional transport. At least 2 bus lines are planned, which will reduce the time and kilometers for passengers.

We were an integral part of the working team at the construction of the Pilsen flyover. And because we were impressed by the magnificence of this project for twenty years, we decided to pass on our enthusiasm. Join us for drone footage of the construction in progress.

You won't see pictures like this anymore. Cars have been driving around the Western Ring Road since February 19, 2023. When you are in Pilsen, do not miss the ride along the Křimická - Karlovarská flyover. I believe that after reading this article you will perceive it differently than a normal roadway.

Mgr. Lucie Kmochová

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