Reconstruction of VTL Borečnice - gas footbridge

HRDLIČKA has been involved in this project from the very beginning..

HRDLIČKA has been involved in this project from the very beginning. As part of the preparation of project documentation, in 2017 we focused the basis for the project, including the detailed survey of the bottom of the Otava River. The locality of interest is in a place with a depth of about 1.0 m and directly above the weir. Due to the high current, it was necessary to first stretch a climbing rope under the footbridge and fix the boat with a carabiner to prevent the end of the geodet from under the weir.

The project documentation dealt with the relocation of the gas pipeline from the existing steel bridge structure below the bottom of the Otava River in the km 19.239 and related interconnecting gas pipelines on both banks of the Otava River. The existing overground crossing of the high-pressure gas pipeline across the Otava River was in an unsatisfactory condition.

The load-bearing structure was used by the public and it was therefore not possible to take measures to prevent access by unauthorized persons. Placing a high pressure pipeline under the river bed will increase its safety and operational reliability.
After the dismantling of the existing gas pipeline from the bridge structure and modification of the existing service bridges, conditions were created for the safe use of the Otava River bridging by the public.

In 2019, the building itself came into being. Our task was to first set out the construction and again from the ship to check whether the underwater excavator excavated deep enough excavation. The entire DN500 steel bend was welded on a nearby meadow
We also focused the welded pipeline on the meadow and checked whether it would fit into the prepared excavation at the bottom of the river. The whole pipeline was loaded onto a pontoon and transported down the river to its place, where it was put into its final form by cranes.

Jiří Babka

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