Reconstruction of VTL DN600 - crossing of the water Orlík reservoir

Renewal of the VTL gas pipeline DN 600 at the crossing point from the Orlík reservoir.

The facility has been an integral part of the backbone VTL gas pipeline in the South Bohemian Region since 1968. The gas pipeline is suspended on the Podolský Bridge and without it, a reliable supply of natural gas for the districts of Písek, Prachatice, and Strakonice cannot be ensured. However, according to the ŘSD, the current location does not meet the safety aspect and the gas pipeline will have to be located under the water reservoir.

The task of HRDLIČKA was to map the bottom of the water reservoir at the future crossing of the VTL gas pipeline. We took advantage of the annual spring level reduction and focused on the bottom.

The survey was performed by standard, geodetic and polar methods. Depth was measured with the Sonar Garmin GPSmap 421s in places where it was not possible to use the pole despite the level reduction.

The output of the measurement is the terrain profile in the axis of the future gas pipeline, according to which the gas pipeline deflection will be designed.

Jiří Babka and Ing. Lenka Hošková

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