The new version of Mawis Geoportal

The improved application is faster, offers a number of new features, and is web-based.

Geoportal is a tool for visualizing, publishing, and sharing geodata. Geodata provides comprehensive spatial information, increases management efficiency, and saves users time.

The new version of the application offers easier data management and the possibility to share data between users. Data access and visualization is much faster and do not require any special application. The application is web-based, so everything works in a web browser. Project settings such as displayed layers, the appearance of elements, etc. can be shared via a generated link. The actual situation can be exported as PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG using the print tool. The output can contain, according to the needs of the data manager, additional elements such as legend, scale, directional, text field, logo, etc.

Individual projects can have different rights and accesses set for users or groups of users. In this way, the display of selected data can be made available to the general public even without login credentials, and users such as data managers with higher rights can view the complete data with attributes, and use more complex functions such as data editing or geolocation.

Using the editing tools, the user can add new records to the selected layer, modify the geometry and attributes of an element, or remove the selected element from the layer entirely. All layers stored in the database on our server can be edited in this way. Another tool mentioned above was geolocation, which uses GPS to determine the user's location in the terrain and display it directly in the map window.

Among the useful features is also the linking of the application with the land registry, thanks to which it is possible to display information about parcels or to go directly to specific detailed pages of the CUZK. The geoportal also offers basic functions that users are used to, such as measuring lengths, areas, and angles, creating a temporary drawing, searching for features based on a selected attribute, or displaying a pop-up with a description of the feature and photos.

In the new Geoportal, we are developing the ability to link with UtilityReport, where the plotted area and important information from a network request can be viewed directly in the map window of the Geoportal application. The user, or the technical infrastructure manager, can therefore immediately see whether the area of interest intersects with their own data. He can also view important parameters such as the reason for the submission, the height of the structure, the applicant, the investor, etc. For the preparation of the statement, an image can be created using the print function. Sharing the cutout data in CAD format is the goal of future application development.

According to the requirements of the Geoportal users, individual solutions or customized tools can also be offered within the technological possibilities. Users are offered data preparation and subsequent data management.

Manage your assets more efficiently with the Geoportal.


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