Video about BIM from the Association of Geomatics Entrepreneurs

If we want to live in smart cities, we should be able to build them smart

This video from APG (Association of Geomatics Entrepreneurs) introduces the topic of BIM (Building information modelling / management). Our Executive Director Jan Floriánek actively participated in the creation of the promotional video. He is the head of the BIM group within the Association of Geomatics Entrepreneurs.

In the video, you will clearly learn what is hidden under the acronym BIM. What is the subsequent use of models in the design, construction, or operation of buildings, and why BIM is useful for optimizing the construction process and efficient operation.

The promo video demonstrates the importance of geomatics to produce accurate and guaranteed data. A geomatics engineer places the building in geospatial during the design phase, confirms and guarantees the measured data during the construction phase, and verifies the data during the final inspection.

We already know that BIM has great potential and will be the foundation for the modern future.

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