We actively support the development of standards for ŘSD ČR

The surveying company Hrdlička was approached by the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic (ŘSD ČR).

The geodetic company Hrdlička was approached by Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR (hereinafter ŘSD ČR) to participate in the creation of an exchange format of occupation papers listed under the acronym VFZE, which will be defined and binding in the data regulation of ŘSD ČR C3.                

Ředitelství silnic a dálnic is one of the most important investors in capital construction in the Czech Republic and also a major client of road construction projects and its requirements for elaboration of documentation are summarized in the regulations of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic – Road Quality System.

With regard to the volume of orders, the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic solves the automation of data sharing, distribution and use processes, one of which is the process of property settlement. Therefore, the RMD ČT established a working group under the management leadership of Hrdlička and GMtech members, whose task was to design, negotiate, create and test an exchange format for occupation papers for the C3 ŘSD ČR regulation. The aim of VFZE creation is the fulfillment of tasks and ideas of the Czech Government’s initiatives in the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the use of BIM procedures in construction practice.

Working group established by project manager and architect Jan Jiránek (Hrdlička), analyst Roman Štancl (Hrdlička), representative of the client Jana Jelínková (ŘSD ČR), representative for professional activities in the process of creation of occupation papers of ŘSD ČR Tomáš Bonacina and Michal Fiala (GMtech) created under the guarantor for the client Mr. Kamil Alferi (ŘSD ČR) an exchange format, which is currently being used in construction practice in the preparation process.

The working group started working on the exchange format in the second half of 2018, established close cooperation with the Railway Infrastructure Administration, in particular regarding the introduction of a unified system of occupation papers at SŽDC using experience from the ŘSD ČR and also negotiated with property rights experts.

It should be noted that the occupation paper as a whole consists of three types of occupation paper – property paper, paper ZPF (agricultural land fund) and paper PUPFL (land intended for forest functions). All three papers always have three parts – text, graphic and table. The whole issue is even more complicated as there are many working versions of papers – ZE-DUR, ZE-DSP before separation, ZE-DSP-SP after insertion of the geometric plan. The whole process was forced by the ordering party, such as ŘSD ČR, operating throughout the Czech Republic and dozens of buildings in preparation to give order, and therefore ŘSD ČR decided to standardize the process of occupation papers and standardize and automate through this exchange format.

VFZE was chosen and subsequently described in XML, including the storage of geometry in GML format, allowing all participants to work together simply because they all work with the same data in the same described and open standard.

Author: Ing. Jan Jiránek

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