We want to help and we are helping Ukraine

We are buying drones through our non-profit organization Horizont HG 2014, z.ú.

As a company that prides itself on tradition, moral values, and faith, we have and feel an obligation to support those in need. Ukraine is facing war and a humanitarian crisis and needs help more than ever.

Our non-profit organization Horizon HG 2014, z.ú., which is part of HRDLIČKA Holding, is sensitively dedicated to supporting various beneficial projects. We take our support for Ukraine very personally, as our sister company GEODATA Ukraine was founded in 2021. In the first days of the war, our thoughts and activities were directed towards our employees in Ukraine, an innocent population that has to face enormous pressure and aggression from the Russian troops. The way of helping was offered directly in the context of our professional focus. As a leading provider of geomantic services, we use cutting-edge modern instruments, technologies, GNSS equipment, drones, laser scanners... After immediate discussions with the Ukrainian side, we jointly defined the current needs, which included the lack of civilian drones with thermal camera and drones with infrared camera for night work.

The collection DRONES FOR UKRAINE was created.

The first delivery was largely contributed by the employees of HRDLIČKA spol. s r.o. and companies from HRDLIČKA Holding. We greatly appreciate your interest and help. In total, we were able to purchase and deliver to Ukraine drones worth more than 2 million CZK. On the website dronyukrajine.cz you can see where and when the aid was delivered. The collection is still active! This year we are preparing the sixth delivery of drones that will effectively help in a specific place.

We continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine and are actively involved.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has created the Business Club Ukraine (BKUA) platform to support Ukraine's recovery. The aim is to coordinate Czech trade, cooperation between different sectors and address current needs in planning and implementing Ukraine's reconstruction. It functions as an advisory body and working group. Over 185 companies, representatives of associations, banking institutions, and ministries, as well as our company, participate in it.

We have repeatedly participated in the Reibuild Ukraine trade fair in Warsaw, which emphasizes the infrastructure, industry, housing, and investment needed to rebuild Ukraine's war-torn economy. Representatives of Czech companies had the opportunity to establish contacts and cooperation with partners, representatives of Ukrainian cities and regions. The discussion on post-war reconstruction was the main topic. Based on the experience with the Digital Technical Map of the Czech Republic (DTM CR) project, we are trying to help cities in the affected area to monitor the destroyed infrastructure, both technical and transport. Our colleagues from GEODATA Ukraine have already started working with local municipalities and are actively negotiating with key partners, presenting them with concrete proposals for solutions that our company routinely processes and addresses across disciplines.

Thank you to everyone who wants to continue to help.

,Author: Kateřina Skočdopole

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