We were at the preparations for the construction of the Opava bypass

In Silesia, we were preparing the data basis for the planned bypass.

The work included semi-elevation and elevation surveys of the subject area, including the necessary extent of existing roads connected to the future construction, including surveys of overhead and underground utility lines and surface features of utility lines and all overhead structures. The length of the subject section was 3.47 km.

The northern connecting construction "I/11 Opava, northern bypass - western part" is already under construction (it should be put into operation in 2023). On the southern side, we followed up on "I/46 Opava, southern bypass Hradecká - Olomoucká" (building permit issued).

In the area in question, a review of trigonometric points and CSNS points was carried out before starting the work. The results of the revision were submitted to the ČÚZK portal. The network of points of the building's grid (VS) intended for the position and height survey was connected to the VS of both adjacent buildings to maintain homogeneity. A design for the VS was prepared according to the conditions of the Regional Directorate of Transportation, which was approved by the relevant responsible persons before the actual mapping. In addition to the textual and graphical parts, the proposal included photographs of the individual VS points.

Due to the extent of the survey and the proportions of built-up and unbuilt-up areas (forested and non-forested areas), data from direct geodetic measurements as well as lidar data were used to create the digital terrain model. A point cloud was flown over the area and the point cloud was used to evaluate the model in the unforested area only.

Ing. Pavel Hladík

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