We will participate in the event "To work on the bike"

We support our employees in sports activities..

The goal is to motivate as many people as possible to use a bicycle, scooter or any non-motorized form of transport, including running and walking, as a means of transport in the city. This year's challenge will also be to maintain physical and mental well-being in quarantine times through regular exercise (on the way to work, shopping or exercising at home). The To Work on a Bike event thus becomes the largest national teambuilding aimed at "stupid moods".

And so, at this awkward time, we decided to support our employees in the To Work on a Bike event. This event will last throughout May, when each of the entrants can use various means, such as a bicycle, scooter, skates, etc. to work. Travel and other activities must be written by everyone in their profile or via the mobile application.

Ing. Tomáš Kocian

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