Martin Smetana

How important it is to have a mentor in geodesy

After my graduation at the Secondary School of Geodesy in Prague, Hrdlička was a clear choice for me because I worked there already during my professional training. At first I thought I'd see myself, practice 3-4 years in the field and move on. I've been in the company for 13 years now. I liked the company, mainly thanks to the friendly team and the boss, who is both a real expert and a person with a human approach to us. He tries to meet us in everything, professionally he can always advise me and I feel that he appreciates my work. In addition, I met my “working dad” Jirka Bžoch, who always helped me with everything and taught me a lot. Now I am in the field of photogrammetry, which I enjoy, I have tested for flying with an unmanned aircraft and now I am flying with a drone.