Radek Červenka

In the company for over 25 years

I joined HRDLIČKA for two reasons. In my job at the time, I worked as a DB programmer, but I wanted to focus more on CAD / GIS systems. Coincidentally, a geodetic company was based in my residence in Tetín, so my steps logically led to its owner, Mr. Ing. M. Hrdlička. For the first few years, I worked in the company in a position that could be called an IT administrator. Together with another colleague, we simply made sure that the surveyors had computers and the necessary software. While still at the Hodkovičky workplace, we implemented the first computer network at the Prague workplace and began testing the possibilities of Windows 3.1. When I went to the branch at the time, it meant carrying packs of floppy disks, which I fed to the individual PCs.

Over time, I moved away from IT to the company's own expertise. However, it was not about my own geodesy (here I must admit that I did not focus anything on the company all the time), but about the management of geodata and the already mentioned GIS. The company's effort was to establish itself with digital technical maps, which put me in the field of services for cities. Many times I brought up to 1-2 today. floor 21 “CRT monitor and then said the sentence“ Now I will show you the difference between a technical map that shows real objects and a cadastral map that shows ownership boundaries. ”This was followed by a period when we launched a DTMM project for cities with technical infrastructure managers.

Due to the fact that the cities did not have the necessary SW equipment to work with this data, we started preparing a solution for them, so I found myself fully in the field of GIS. Gradually, we began to offer the management of other geodata important for the management of cities, such as passports of roads, public lighting and more.

After years when these works became a standard offer in the company's portfolio, I moved to the PGS department, which provides support to the company in the field of GIS / CAD SW. Here, I gradually became involved mainly in supporting newly emerging projects within the company. For me, this is a new experience, both in terms of new technologies, which I am gradually getting acquainted with, and in terms of teamwork, which is necessary due to the size of these projects.

In the end, the words of the classic "I was happy with everything" come to mind. Well, that wasn't always the case. But I definitely spent the last few years in the company doing interesting work.

This, along with other bonuses, such as flexible working hours and a friendly team, has contributed to my company for over 25 years. At the same time, it was nice to know that the person has a stable company and the payment will be in my account at the specified time.