Veronika Kastnerová

How a part-time job becomes a job

In July 2018, a friend and high school classmate approached me with an offer to work as a part-time employee in the MAWIS customer service department for the summer. At the time, I already had one part-time job, but it was outside of the field of civil engineering or geodesy and geoinformatics.

Since it was the holidays and I had a lot of free time as a student, I naturally said yes. I saw the offer as a good opportunity to learn something new in an interesting field. I liked the job and the summer job turned into a job until the end of the year. During that time, I made sure that I wanted to continue working for the company, so the management and I agreed to continue working together part-time.

It is very important for me that the company allows me to study at university while working and I can work in an almost family-like team if that can be said at all for such a big company 😊

In the past year, I have moved from the customer support department to the marketing department where I am working on a new direction of promoting the company in the field of digital marketing, which includes the creation and management of websites or social networks, which is close to my technical focus.

The great thing is that even after three years, I still have new things to learn and my job is definitely not monotonous.