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The difference between an aerial image and a orthophoto
When using aeronautical data, it is necessary to distinguish between individual methods of data processing.
We have launched a new Hrdlička Holding website
A site that connects all our companies into one whole.
The South Moravian Region now offers the UtilityReport service
On 21 of September 2020, public access was launched in the UtilityReport service for the South Moravian Region.
How high-speed rail is measured
The 2 cm pixel facilitates geodetic work on future high-speed lines
Hrdlička Holding and Neogenia joined forces
Together, they replace the ProblemReport application with Mobile Radio.
How we helped digitize the construction industry this year
The digitalization of the construction industry is in development, but we are part of it.
How to effectively retain water in the landscape?
In the weekly Echo24, we discuss the situation of land improvements
Our services saved the villages during the Padnemia
In the village of Tetín, the STAVEE and MawisPhoto applications were used to electronize the construction industry.
Surveyors as stuntmen?
Fieldwork is not easy, and our surveyors are convinced of that.
New service on the MAWIS portal
Electronic builder diary, the tool of the future.
Podcast with Ing. Martin Hrdlička
The company's founder Martin Hrdlička responds to the digitization of construction proceedings.
Our company supports a movement
Sport is not only an integral part of our lives but also teaches us teamwork.
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