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Ing. Miroslav Hrdlička celebrated his 90th birthday
The co-founder of our company recently celebrated his birthday..
Let's Hrdlička - Podcast with Lukáš Opat
We bring you Podcast with Lukáš Opat, Director of Marketing and Communication
HRDLIČKA nově členem aliance UAVA
We have become a member of the UAV Alliance.
Reconstruction of VTL Borečnice - gas footbridge
HRDLIČKA has been involved in this project from the very beginning..
New service - thermal imagers for heat leakage
We have recently started offering thermal imaging to our customers.
Excursion of students of surveying school
At the beginning of February we welcomed the students of the 3rd and 4th grades..
We launched a new website
We launched a new website that focuses on new technologies and services.
Introducing the EMS18 service
EMS stands for E.ON's "External Mapping Service".
Company-wide training in the Hotel Medlov
This year's training within the Hrdlička Group companies took place in a snow-covered area.
Here is the second part about UtilityReport
In Volume 2, we'll show you how to make it easier to work online with bulk submissions.
Complex landscaping Adrspach
Our company started geodetic work in the vicinity of Adrspach-Teplice rocks..
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