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Jirka Bžoch is retiring
Jirka is the very first employee of Hrdlička spol. s.r.o.
BIM3D - modern geodetic technologies and services
Professional acquisition of 3D data with the processing of BIM models and provision of aerial images.
MawisPhoto - Document buildings
MawisPhoto is an application that newly expands Mawis - the portal of a professional builder.
Let ‘s Hrdlička - Podcast with Lea Leinweberová
We bring you a Podcast with Lea Leinweberová, Head of G3D.
We connect our services and offer comprehensive solutions
Services such as MawisPhoto and the creation of orthophotomaps have recently appeared on the website.
UtilityReport comes with more news
Construction planning is a complicated and time-consuming process for all involved.
Stavee Digital Construction Diary saves money
Already the first day. Such is the financial return of a digital construction diary.
BIM model of the Bavory Spring shaft
Implementation of the contract in an inaccessible location Prameniště Bavory.
Corporate teambuilding in Králický Sněžník
We didn't visit abroad in 2020, but we really got it started!
BIM model of the complex in Velké Meziříčí
We created a BIM model of a complex of buildings of a construction company in Velké Meziříčí.
Passportization of greenery on highways ŘSD ČR
It is one of the newly emerging passports, which serve to support the operation of the ŘSD.
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